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Featured Fiber Fanatics

I've had the wonderful opportunity of sharing my passion for fiber creations with many equally passionate "creatives" through the years. At times, I will introduce you to them through the writings of my Blog. February/March 2021 focuses on Vicki Leopold. I first met Vicki in 2004 when she was spreading her fiber wings at her newly opened yarn shop, Fiberge'...the gathering place for fiber arts. I was establishing myself in the world of crochet and was about to publish my first book, Crochet Squared. Vicki and I had a creative connection and mutual love for all things fiber. I eventually became the Fiberge' crochet designer and innovator of special events to engage and teach knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, and all sorts of fiber activities. That was several years ago. Vicki and I have remained in touch, and now jointly present virtual workshops. You will see them posted soon in the events section of this website. You already know me, so let me introduce you to Vicki Leopold.

Even though Vicki spent 35+ years in the IT field as a Programmer/Analyst and certified Project Manager, her passion has been fiber arts and color. Her first experience was as a small child when her mother taught her to crochet. While her mom loved to crochet doilies (they had doilies on every horizontal surface in the house), Vicki’s first project was a granny square. She soon began making colorful granny square afghans and granny square jackets. Hey, it was the late 60’s! Her grandma also taught her to embroider small items like handkerchiefs and pillow cases.

While in junior high school, a class in home economics introduced her to sewing and that began a love of sewing just about everything - clothes in high school, home decorating items, and eventually quilting.

In high school, a teacher who was a Navy veteran, taught her macrame. He used it to pass away empty hours while on Navy vessels when he was young. Learning the basic knots translated into many wall hangings and plant holders. Relatives were thrilled! While in an art store looking for interesting string and rope for her macrame projects, she was introduced to a lady who was a life long weaver. Weaving became the next phase in her love of fiber. She purchased her first loom at the age of 16.

A few years later she learned to knit, which eventually led to Vicki owning the yarn shop Fiberge'...the gathering place for fiberarts, for 7 years. There she passed on her love of fiber to others by teaching hundreds of customers how to knit and crochet. During this time, one of her customers introduced her to needlepoint which has become another fiber favorite.

Now, Vicki has added watercolor painting to her passion for fiber and color.

Vicki has gained expertise and mastery of most fiber arts. Now you know why Vicki Leopold is one of my Featured Fiber Fanatics and a "friend in fiber".

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